Hey there! I’m Chrysa

I’m so glad you’re here. welcome to my little space!

I’m a big lover of travel, adventure/spontaneity, blue hours and anything artistic - if my hands aren’t on something creative at all times I’m pretty positive I’ll combust. And if there’s a promise of a spicy marg you can almost always count on me to be there. I’m a textbook Aquarius and an Enneagram 8 (I think, don’t take my word for it I did it a while ago, maybe it changed, can it change?).

it’s all in the details

Creating has always been in my bones - I’ve been taking photographs for as long as I can remember, from film to DSLRs and everything in between, and I have always been drawn to preserving the details and the tiny in between moments- you know, the ones that when strung together tell a story, make you feel and bring you back to that moment in time. For me, those are the most treasured and important captures, so from that love of the little in betweens comes my approach of storytelling— whether we have a short time together or multiple days, your memories will always be captured with intention and authenticity.

I could go on but this isn't about me...

this is all about you and your moment

And I'm just really humbled to be a small part of it and capture it for you. Come say hello and let’s co-create some magic!

i'm ready for this!





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intentional & authentic imagery for the wildly in love